Wednesday, 22 March 2017

A Criminal's Defense

My review 
Details. The devil is in the details. And this author's knowledge of the criminal justice system makes the story sizzle. I shouldn't enjoy the lead character as much as I do. But flaws make every one of the novel's characters compelling. There are no unrealistic good guys; there are no irredeemable bad guys. Even the murder victim is flawed. You are caught up from the very first in a mystery you have to pick at constantly. Who is lying? Who is hiding unwelcome truths? What exactly is going on? I wanted to know who done it! And even when I was sure I did know, I only had part of the story. The author gives you plenty of clues. He makes sure you know there is more going on in this murder trial than meets the eye. Still, the ending is as unexpected as it can possibly be. In fact, it left me breathless. I'm going to search for another novel by this author immediately. And that is high praise from a reader with a low tolerance for mediocre writing.

Release date 1st April, 2017 

Losing the trial of his life could mean losing everything.

When a young reporter is found dead and a prominent Philadelphia businessman is accused of her murder, Mick McFarland finds himself involved in the case of his life. The defendant, David Hanson, was Mick’s close friend in law school, and the victim, a TV news reporter, had reached out to Mick for legal help only hours before her death.
Mick’s played both sides of Philadelphia’s courtrooms. As a top-shelf defense attorney and former prosecutor, he knows all the tricks of the trade. And he’ll need every one of them to win.
But as the trial progresses, he’s disturbed by developments that confirm his deepest fears. This trial, one that already hits too close to home, may jeopardize his firm, his family—everything. Now Mick’s only way out is to mastermind the most brilliant defense he’s ever spun, one that will cross every legal and moral boundary.

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