Monday, 27 March 2017

The last paradise

My review 
Entertaining and educational. Filled with insight into human capacities.

Jack Beilis, finding himself in the midst of The Great Depression, hears about "The Last Paradise" in the Soviet Union. It turns out to be a farce, and he's forced to make a new life in that desperate society.

This book is another excellent release by Antonio Garrido, an award-winning historical novelist. This novel was released in his native Spanish (as "El último paraíso") in 2015, and the English version has been anticipated by readers of his previous novel.

Garrido doesn't disappoint. Although it contains many interesting historical details, giving us a real glimpse into the past, it's never slow. It's a thriller, complete with plot twists. The novel maintains realism throughout, and maintains your attention.

Wonderful character development and we enjoy watching the protagonist evolve despite betrayals. It's well-written and arouses many emotions, as the book contains so many important themes central to humanity. It's about friendship, survival, love, and much more.

The author includes a glossary, bibliography, and note about the development of the novel. I find that particularly interesting and will only mention a couple points here: Garrido informs us about the actual historical figures who inspired many of the novel's characters. He consulted with numerous historical experts to make this an accurate account.

I give it 4.7 stars.

Release date April 1,2017

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Book description 
Jack Beilis once lived the American dream: custom suits, new cars, and the best clubs. But by 1931, he has sunk so low he cannot feed himself or his ailing father. Now he barely has time to wipe the blood from his hands before he finds himself on a ship from New York to Moscow, running from a crime he never intended.
Desperate for an escape route, Jack wants to believe stories of a worker’s paradise in the Soviet Union. Maybe the distance between Ellis Island and Red Square will let him leave poverty—and his pursuers—far behind. Jack accepts an opportunity at the Gorky Ford Factory and embarks on a new life.
What he finds, though, is a surveillance society, empty store shelves, and a dangerous network of black markets. There seems to be no way out, until Jack meets Dr. Natasha Lobanova. Could this Russian beauty be his deliverance? When Natasha’s own dark history surfaces, Jack’s fate is threatened. With betrayals and secrets everywhere, Jack struggles to trust anyone or anything…even his own heart.

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