Monday, 16 October 2017

Review for "Her Rising"

My review
In many climes, women have been subjected to only house chores. Some are not even allowed to leave the house. Sephora Moses has shown that women can #Rise above mediocrity and become Gladiators in their chosen fields of interest. They can trade beyond the boundaries set for them by men. This is a good read anytime and is recommended for all women with dreams.

Release date
May 14,2017

Book description
 It was the age of wisdom, no one knew they had it in them, but they were smart, fierce and wise enough to lead, they saw fountains of ideas and inspirations everywhere, so they blended talents and passion together to create what didn’t exist then. They were determined to create, so they worked really hard with passion, love and burning desires inside them, and one day when no one was looking, success came to visit like a flood! There was no room wild enough to hold it, so they decided to spread their success upon the earth, everyone, both old and young heard about their victories. And from that moment on, they walked in high places, they shook hands with legends, and dined with Kings and Queens, and oh, they were all……WOMEN!” This is a wakeup call for all women all over the world to rise beyond mediocrity and be the person they want to be in life. To stand and be counted among successful people and to dare to be a Girlboss and rule her empire. The time is right. The time is now.

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