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This is a stunning and memorable page-turner of love, loss and resilience for fans of The Tattooist of Auschwitz

The USA Today bestseller
Keep her secret.
Keep her safe.
On the 14th November 1940, Hitler’s bombs rain down on Coventry. From the rubble of a bombed-out family home, a young girl is saved…
As the Nazis’ relentless bombs fall during the Blitz of Coventry, six-year-old Rose Sherbourne finds herself orphaned and under the guardianship of a Cornish farmer's daughter, Elenor Cardew.
Elenor knows that the only way to protect spirited Rose is to leave the city and make a new life for themselves away from harm. But soon Elenor discovers that Hitler’s firestorm is not the only thing she must fear when she learns a devastating secret about Rose…
With Rose’s life in imminent danger, Elenor turns to the only person she can trust to keep the deadly secret, heroic Canadian pilot, Jackson St John. And amidst the destruction of war, an unlikely romance blossoms as they find a way to protect the child they have both grown to love…and each other.
Readers LOVE The Secret Orphan:
‘Keeps you wanting to read into the small hours’ Lisa, Goodreads
‘The best and most beautiful book I've read in a long time’ Brid, Netgalley
‘Simply amazing’ Rikki-Doodlebug's Book Reviews
Captivated from beginning to end’ Jessyca, Goodreads
‘A gripping, page turner set in WWII … Loved it’ Amanda, Netgalley


Release date 

November 9, 2018


The Secret Orphan is by Glynis Peters. This book is set in England beginning in 1940 during World War II. It also skips to the present, nearly sixty years later, where a woman is dying and she begins to relive her life.
Elenor was summoned to her Aunt’s home and reluctantly went. At least she was getting away from being a slave to her brothers. The only affection she had had was when her Mother was alive. Their Dad had a very stubborn opinion that women were only there to take care of their man. 

Therefore, it was her responsibility to take care of him and her twin brothers. When he died, things just became more difficult for Elenor. Then, their Aunt summoned her to come take care of her. Her brothers simply said goodbye and left it at that. Elenor loved her family farm but knew there was no place for her. At her Aunt’s home, she was expected to take care of her aunt and learn to be a lady. It was difficult for Elenor; but she did her best. Her aunt lived in a house with a housekeeper and her husband and daughter. George, the husband, was a tutor and was gone a lot. Victoria cooked and kept house while raising their daughter, Rose. Other than giving her a place to stay and food to eat, neither paid much attention to Ruth. Ruth and Elenor became good friends as both were lonely. For Rose, Elenor put up with George’s chauvinistic ways. Then, her aunt died leaving Elenor alone. She went back to the family farm for safety and because it was now hers alone since both boys were killed in the war. Can she run the farm by herself?

Rose was a darling little girl who was very bright and a brilliant pianist, even at five. Her parents gave her food and shelter but didn’t give her love. Victoria was lucky to be able to find a position which allowed her husband and daughter to live with her. Victoria was careful to keep Rose away from the main house when possible. After Elenor left for the farm, Rose and her Mother stayed at the house, keeping it going. George was in London on a trip and died in the Blitz. When bombers flew over Coventry, their house was hit. Rose was found alive in the ruin but Victoria was dead. Where was Rose to go since her family was wiped out. Of course, to Elenor. Can she survive the nightmares of the raid? Will Rose adjust to the country?
The book is great. It shows clearly the complicated life a woman had during

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