Wednesday, 25 March 2020

10 reasons to self-publish your book

10 reasons to self-publish your book

10 reasons to self-publish your book

We present 10 reasons why you should choose self publication over the traditional publishing way. We have done extensive research on both routes and have come to the conclusion that self-publishing is the best route.

1.       Self-publishing cuts off an approximately 3 years of waiting for the agents and publishers to even accept and look into your book. Self-publishing makes you create and follow your own timeline. Following your own timeline ensures that you cut-off all the waiting periods and months of querying and revisions from the agents. Even Rowling, the famous Harry Potter author was rejected a dozen times before she was finally published.

2.       Self publishing gives you control over your story and platform. The traditional route may ensure that their editors may want you to change what you may not want to change. Self publication ensures that you keep your story, keep the cover and the price of your book and where it is distributed.

3.       Self publication gives you higher royalties compared to traditional publishing houses that take a big chunk of the returns.

4.       A book that will explode in sales will definitely explode. People don't actually care how a book is published as long as the book is good. This is the best time to use the available resources- createspace print on demand and free ebook distribution to your advantage.

5.       Traditional publishing or not, either way, promotion is up to you. This is one reason I choose self publication.


6.       Self publication makes you believe in yourself. 50 shades was self published. Don't you want that kind of self accomplishment.

7.       You become your own boss.

8.       Self publication offers potential for huge profits which you alone can eat. You just might strike it big.

9.       With self publication, you can create a tax heaven. This means that you can write off a portion of your mortgage or rent from the profits made.

10.   Traditionally published books usually go out of print, but when you self publish, you can be sure your book will always be available.

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