Wednesday, 25 March 2020

13 tips on how to write a perfect book description.

13 tips on how to write a perfect book description.

13 tips on how to write a perfect book description.

You need a hook, a good description that will convert visitors on your page to become your readers. Your book description is the most important marketing material after the title and book cover design.
The book description is the pitch the reader needs to get convinced to buy your book. There are so many stories of book authors that revamped their book descriptions and saw sales double almost instantly.

We give you 13 tips to help you fiction authors write the best book description.

1.       Write a very good and compelling hook. The first line should capture the interest of the reader to read on. Focus on the boldest or compelling claim of the book.

2.       Once you have a great hook, describe the current pain the protagonist is in and it should be one the reader can relate with..

3.       Create an emotional connection of how the protagonist solved this pain without giving out much detail.

4.       Legitimize by dropping any reviews by anyone in authority.

5.       Create an open loop by leaving a key piece out. This holds the reader's attention and leaves them wanting more.

6.       Keep it short. Around 150 and 250 words will do.


7.       Write in third person. Remember the book description is an advertisement.

8.       Keep it simple. Don't overdo the language or try to impress with words.

9.       Use keywords that the search engines (Amazon and Google) can identify with for your search engine optimization.

10.   Make it relevant or relatable.

11.   Be clear about the genre you are writing.

12.   Hint at the climax without revealing it.

13.   Keep trying. You may not get it right the first time.

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