Wednesday, 25 March 2020

3 Steps to choose the right Kindle keyword

3 Steps to choose the right Kindle keyword

3 Steps to choose the right Kindle keyword

Remember that Amazon has it's own search engine known as Amazon algorithm or A9 as most webmasters will call it.
When people search for an item, they usually type words in the search bar that would take them to what they're looking for. These words are known as keywords. You need to position your books with the right keywords so they can be found easily by readers. These keywords need to be pasted everywhere the book is, for instance, the description, categories and the like.

This article will show you steps to choose the right keywords for your book.

1.       The first step is to browse through categories and see the sub-categories that matches your book. Make a list of the keywords and use them in the keywords section.

2.       Generate words and phrases to use by using the Amazon search bar. The Amazon auto-populate tool enables you to see a drop-down of specific words or phrases. Start typing a word or phrases on the search bar, make sure you are in the book category. The drop-down menu list will generate keywords that can even give you ideas for a new book.

3.       Add the keywords generated into your book metadata. This includes the title and description of the book.


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